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Double Room (in apartment with other students of your same sex).
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Single Room (in apartment with other students): per night.
Single Flat for 1 student: per night (kitchen, bath, bedroom).
Single Flat for 2 students: per person per night (kitchen, bath, bedroom 2 pax) - Only students travelling together.
Friend’s name:
Single Flat for 3 students: per person per night (kitchen, bath, single room, bedroom 2 pax) - Only students travelling together.
Name of two friends:
Hotel 3 : SINGLE EN-SUITE bedroom, accommodation with breakfast: per person per night.
Hotel 3 : DOUBLE EN-SUITE bedroom, accommodation with breakfast: per person per night.
I will share the room with:
I would like to book a seat on the bus TRANSFER with the school from:
No transfer.
Rome Fiumicino Airport to Recanati: cost € (the transfer is organized the Sunday before the start of the 4-week course, your flight must land before 3pm Italian time).
Rome Central Station TERMINI to Recanati: cost € (the transfer is organized the Sunday before the start of the 4-week course).
I enclosed the deposit for registration (248 Euro):
CREDIT CARD with online payment (admin fees equal to 3% of the amount). After submitting the form you will receive an email with further information.
Bank transfer of 248 Euro (net of bank fees):
Bank: BPER - Branch: Via Solari, 8 – 60025 Loreto (AN) ITALIA
Name: Scuola di Italiano Dante Alighieri - Campus L'Infinito
Account number: 000042042276
Codice IBAN: IT 62 Z 05387 37381 000042042276
  • The registration is confirmed and accommodation is reserved only when the School has received the deposit. The deposit is included in total price.
  • The Student shall at all times be responsible for paying any bank or other charges imposed by the bank. The Student shall not be deemed to have paid the deposit in full until such time as the bank account of the School has been credited with the required amount. Therefore, the cost of the transaction must be added to the amount of the deposit.
  • In case of a payment received with deduction due to any bank charges, the School shall recognize only the amount received.
  • For payment by Credit or Debit Card of the total amount of the course there is an administrative fee of +3% of the amount due.
  • If cancellation occurs at least 120 days prior to the commencement of the relevant course, deposits are refundable with a 30% deduction to cover administrative costs and bank charges.
  • No refunds will be granted for Students who wish to stop attending the course, for any reason and in any circumstances, after the course has commenced.
  • The cost of accommodation is already included in the fee.
  • Parental consent is required for Students under the age of 18 (eighteen).
  • Insurance: Students are fully responsible for any damage caused to school property or housing. Students are not insured by the School against illness, accidents and theft. EU Citizens are exempt from medical expenses if they carry an E111 form, available on request from their local health authority before departure. Non-EU Students must consult their local authority to find out if they will be insured during their stay abroad.
I declare to be in good physical and mental health and to be able to take part to the activities included in the study-vacation program (lessons, sharing accommodation with other students, trips, excursions, social dinners, etc.)
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